SIG: WordPress


The WordPress SIG will provide a central resource for sharing best practices, development strategies, and solutions to common problems. In-person or online meetups and events will be an opportunity to showcase projects, share code examples, and discuss enterprise-level management of WordPress environments.

Although specific design and development goals will likely vary from campus to campus, common areas for collaboration and discussion might include:

  • Integrating WordPress with single sign-on systems
  • Deployment strategies and version control for homegrown themes and plugins
  • Multisite administration best practices
  • Configuring WordPress for HTTPS
  • WordPress security
  • End-user training and support

Primary audiences for the SIG:

  • Web designers and developers working on WordPress projects (custom themes and plugins)
  • Service administrators responsible for supporting users and maintaining infrastructure

Secondary audience (depending on interest):

  • WordPress support staff (help desk) and trainers
  • WordPress “power users” (eg. topics like teaching with WordPress, document management with WordPress, etc.)



Elizabeth Tran
North Carolina State University


Join the conversation and stay up-to-date on discussions and meetings via the Google Group/Mailing list:

See the SIG FAQ for instructions on joining a SIG Google Group.

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