Join a SIG!

SIG is short for Special Interest Groups. These groups are comprised of individuals from UNC CAUSE member institutions that share a common interest around a topic or technology that is prevalent across institutions.

Current Approved SIGs

Connect with others via Slack


Join a SIG Google Group

There are several ways you can participate in a UNC CAUSE Google Group:

Option 1 – Use an existing G Suite Account

If your institutions is already a G Suite (aka Google Apps) customer, you can use your existing Google account to participate in the UNC CAUSE SIG Google Groups.

  1. Visit!forumsearch/ for a list of all the UNC CAUSE Google Groups. All SIG groups start with the word “SIG”.
  2. Click on the group name you are interested in joining.
  3. Click Apply for Membership under the name of the group.
  4. A SIG Facilitator will be notified and will review your request.

Option 2 – Create a Google account with an existing email

You can also use your existing email address to create a Google account. This does not create a Gmail account for you but would let you access other Google Services (like Groups, Drive, Docs, etc.) as a consumer. This service is a consumer level service and isn’t covered in anyway be licensing or agreements between any institution and Google.

  1. Visit
  2. After completing the process, follow the steps in Option 1 using your new account.

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