UNC CAUSE Organization and Conference Governance

UNC CAUSE is governed by an Executive Team and our Campus Conference Liaisons, a group comprised of representatives from each of the UNC System campuses. Additionally, for the sake of the UNC CAUSE Conference an annual Conference Planning Team is formed. The annual team is lead by two co-chairs who also sit on the Executive Team during their two-year term. Their roles are off-set by one year to create a transfer of knowledge and continuity from year to year. The annual planning teams are comprised of representatives put forward by their campus, liaisons, or on a volunteer basis. Each year the UNC CAUSE is hosted on a rotating basis by either the Western, Central, or Eastern Universities.

Campus Conference Liaisons

Campus Conference Liaisons serve a two-year term, with an option to stay on for two additional years.

Name Institution
Wayne Fee App State
Chrisie Dillard ECSU
Darius Smith ECU
Geoff Starnes NCAT
Damond Nollan NCCU
Justin Fleming NCSSM
Ron Bradley NCSU
Anne Ogg UNCA
Beth Rugg UNCC
Kevin McClain UNCG
Liz Cummings UNCP
Kurt Linney UNC SA
Pending UNC System Office
Dali Hiltebeitel UNCW
Morgon Haskell UNC-CH
Conroy Campbell UNC-FSU
Sara Smith WCU
Vivian Spencer WSSU

Executive Planning Team 

President – Ron Bradley
Past President – Sara Smith
SIG Ambassador – Kevin McClain
Vendor Chair – Wayne Fee
Treasurer – Karen Horne
Conference Services Liaison – Tom Van Gilder
App State Conference Services Representative – Marissa Winkler

Conference Co-Chairs (2024)

Ashley Adams (UNCW)
Rob Gorrell (UNCG)

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