UNC CAUSE Organization and Conference Governance

UNC CAUSE is governed by a small Executive Team and a Board that is made up of representatives from each of the UNC System campuses.  Additionally from year to year for the sake of the annual UNC CAUSE Conference there is a Conference Planning Team.  The two co-chairs of the annual conference sit on the Executive Team during their two-year term and they are staggered by one year to create a transfer of knowledge and continuity from year to year.  The annual planning teams are comprised of representatives put forward by their campus or Board members.  Each year the conference is hosted on a rotating basis by either the Western, Central, or Eastern Universities.

2020 UNC CAUSE Conference Co-Chairs

Zach Phillips – WCU (leading)
Ron Bradley – NCSU

Current UNC CAUSE Executive Team 

President – Sara Smith
Past President – Sarah Noell
Systems Chair – Jen McFarland
SIG Ambassador – Zach Phillips
Treasurer – Karen Horne
Conference Services Liaison – Tom Van Gilder
App State Conference Services Representative – Marissa Winkler

Current UNC CAUSE Board Members

Find a complete list of current board members below.  These positions serve a two-year term, with an option to stay on for two additional years.

Board Member University
Martin Moore App State
Chrisie Dillard ECSU
Hector Molina ECU
Sheila Allen NCAT
Joel Faison NCCU
Justin Fleming NCSSM
Sarah Noell NCSU
Alex Mitchell UNC A
Beth Rugg UNC C
Todd Sutton UNC G
Liz Cummings UNC P
Kurt Linney UNC SA
Ross Yannayon UNC System
Bev Vagnerini UNC W
Morgon Haskell UNC-CH
Zohair Ahmad UNC-FSU
William Frady WCU
Teketia Friend WSSU
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